Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Scraps Ahoy!

What do you do with red, white and blue fabrics? why, you make Judy Laquidara's pattern...Scraps Ahoy!

I found this on her blog  www.patchworktimes.com    in August, 2008. i pulled my fabrics and made 1 block and put it in a box to marinate. a few days ago i pulled out that box and took it to the house. i made lots of little quarter log cabin blocks...chain stitching away...and then starched, ironed and trimmed to 4.5".  then made more little scrappy HST blocks and repeated the whole process. and this block was born.  Isn't it cute?

After making a couple dozen i set them up on my kitchen design wall and tried different configurations. i tried putting all the dark blue corners in the same spot....too busy looking.  then i tried switching from blue to red in the same spot....nah...didn't work. then i put the blue blocks together in the middles. yes...i liked that. and...when you put a few together then the red crosses come out, too.  i believe this will be my setting. i just want to be sure that none of the same scrappy HSTs meet each other and make a square. hubby was seeing the 'arrows' and wanted me to emphasize those. i didn't even see them until he pointed them out...but they will just be a happy coincidence. 

When i put them on the wall....one blue cross and one red cross....i liked the blue better and hubby liked the red better. this way....both show up. win/win situation. thanks, JudyL....your site is an inspiration to me and i LOVE your patterns. gotta go make more little blocks.

It might be done and quilted by the 4th of July. LOL

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MaryAnn said...

That is really cool looking too! Barb made a 4th of July quilt a few years ago, you should ask her if she finished quilting it yet?hehehe

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