Monday, March 31, 2014

Brown scrappy rectangle quilt

Well, now that i am through with customer is time to dig into that to-be-quilted cabinet in the studio and finish those babies up.

The first one i did was this one.....brown scrappy rectangles alternated with red. i think it came out about 68x88"  i didn't photograph the back...don't know why....just didn't even think about it. it is a yellow floral print. and for the binding i used different brown strips all sewn together to make a long strip.

I just love those little dogs. there are several blocks with them in there. they make me smile. you can see a couple different pieces of the binding here.

The brown blocks have a base onto which i sewed the brown scraps. they are about 3x10"  i find it so much easier to piece these type of blocks when i use a base fabric. that helps to keep the piece the size that you want. and i use up a lot of ugly fabrics for the base....stuff that won't ever find its way into a quilt any other way. hahaha  check out those peanuts....and the popcorn.

And gingerbread boys. you could make an I Spy quilt with this pattern. 

So, 1 quilt down and over 100 to go. wonder how many i'll have quilted by the end of the year. i already have 3 tops that don't fit into the cabinet. or will i just keep piecing tops till i run out of fabric and be no further along at the end of the year than i am now.....except there will 100 DIFFERENT tops in the to-be-quilted cabinet.  

I need a 12 step program.  sigh!!

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