Tuesday, March 18, 2014


These butterflies are winging their way back to California...that's where the customer lives. she made this top for her daughter. it's been on my frame for a couple months. but half that time we were in frozen tundra conditions with ice and snow and i didn't go over to the studio....to conserve on propane usage.

But i finally thawed out and got it finished. it is 88 x 88". she appliqued those butterflies.

Glide thread on top...light gray and chestnut. bottom line in the bobbin

Last border was a partial panto that was flowers and leaves

Curved cross-hatching in setting triangles

All butterflies had different backgrounds...and had veins in their wings. this one above looks like it is sitting on a large flower.

This one has a spiderweb and a sun shining down. in the grass at the bottom is a catterpillar.

Some simply got swirls 

This one sort of looks like a flower, too...although that wasn't the intention.

 I managed to get an oval around this one.

Not sure what this was supposed to be...it was different in my head. hahahaha

This one has the circle designs in the wings and the background. i was almost done at this point but was thinking it would have been cool if all the wings echoed the background fills. 

Beautiful butterfly on this one.

The lines in the fabric made the squares easy to stitch.

Just a meander in this one.

Lots of pebbles here

And some radiating lines.

And a bit of McTavishing.

There were more butterflies but you get the idea. 

The back was the same white with blue dots as the border. and the light gray did not show much on the back. 

First customer quilt of the new year....and last customer quilt to be done. now i'm all about me. LOL

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