Sunday, June 12, 2016

A trip to the Duck .... what do you think i did?

This trip i drug hubby along for a day. there were a few 'man' jobs on my list. haha   i got my son involved, too.  

First, we (and by we I mean dh and ds) got the other pocket door hung. i still need to give them another coat of paint.

pocket doors installed.jpg

And my back storm door has been hanging by the bottom hinge for a while. the previous owner 'repaired' it with a piece of wire....and that didn't last long, so dh put a few screws in it to hold it for a while longer. it is not at the top of the to-do list.

hinge screwed in.jpg

My next graffiti project is going to be the garage. I want to get it started to see how it is going to go. so, first i pulled the siding off...

tore off siding.jpg

Then i gave the plywood a coat of paint...

painted plywood.jpg

I have to cover up the doorway and make it a flat surface. that is the job for the next trip.

close doorway.jpg

I am going to do that small left side and leave it for the summer and through the winter. i'll see how it survives and then that will determine how....or if.....i do the other side.

I had 8 graffiti boards finished to go around the doorway, so i got those put up also.

almost all around.jpg

I am almost all the way around the door. i have background pieces cut for a few more pieces...have to paint them and get started gluing.

Here is the top of the left side

new left side.jpg

And the top of the right...

new right side.jpg

And a couple close ups

new left side 2.jpg

top 1.jpg

top 2.jpg

This wall is coming along quicker than i thought it would. .... which is good.

My sis and I did more yard sales this weekend and i came home with a truckload of on to the next boards.

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Vicki W said...

It really is going to be the coolest little house ever!

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