Friday, June 3, 2016

Hexie progress

Today I made a little progress with some hexie projects.

The animal hexies now have 5 rows pieced together.  

5 rows.jpg

Now that i can see the lion circle came out well, i can really tell that i am putting them together properly. there was a little un-sewing in the beginning. haha

lion circle.jpg

And the blue and white hexies have about doubled. These are the pieced hexies. i hope i can put these all together. don't know if i should mix them all up or separate the cream from the white. what do you think? 

6 3 16.jpg

These are tedious projects and i can only work on them a couple hours before i get a headache. were these supposed to be relaxing?  haha  but i shall persevere so i can say that i made hexie quilts. 

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