Tuesday, June 21, 2016

More added to the living room wall graffiti at the Duck

I went and added 6 more pieces to the graffiti wall in the living room at the Duck, but this will be the last of it for a bit. i need to get another sheet of luan to glue things to, but that will have to wait for a while.

I added to the right side of the door... 2 pieces at the top and 3 pieces to the bottom.

added to R side.jpg

This is the top

top right.jpg

This is the bottom

bottom R side.jpg

Some close ups of the bottom.....graffiti lives on

close R graffiti lives on.jpg

The ugly duckling.....

close R the ugly duckling.jpg

Becomes the swan

close R becomes the swan.jpg

ET phone home.....because that was all looking like a space ship...haha

close R ET phone home.jpg

Bottom left corner....look, i even mitered the corner

left mitered corner.jpg

And just so you know....plug here

close L plug here.jpg

I am now prepping boards for the first garage installation graffiti. I hope it turns out like i see it in my head. 

It was hot as all get out at the Duck and i just stayed to do what i went for and went back home....home is air conditioned. haha

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Fit for a Hero

This little quilt was a mystery quilt along from Judy Laquidera back in January 2013.  It was her pattern and she named it. it is 66x80".


I guess it could be a veterans quilt...it is sort of red, white and blue. ..with a little gold thrown in.




The back is some light blue Moda that i had in the stash. Panto is called Bright and Breezy by Lorien Quilting.


Top thread was a Glide red and bobbin was Bottom Line medium blue.

A quick and easy one....i like those kind.  well, except i screwed up the binding and had to take it all off and re-do it...but i guess it can't go all right all the time. haha

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Another UFO is quilted. i finished piecing this on October 2, 2013.  It was a quilt-along with Vicki Welsh. 


Once i started playing with placement, i decided to put the reds in the middle. i had to take a few things apart and resew to get it there. and i was piecing small pieces together to get the blocks i needed. haha


I did feathers in the very middle section. i meant to do them in the darker thread, but was already started when i noticed i was still using the white thread. and you know me....i rarely frog unless necessary.

middle feathers.jpg

I did all the dark sections first with white thread. i did the whole width of the quilt across...so there was lots of stops and starts.  on the second pass with the brown thread in the light sections i finally figured out it would go faster to just do them all in one pass and roll the quilt back and forth....and it was much faster. 


Here is how to use up your stash.....pull whatever fabrics you just have a couple yards of....stitch it all together...and you have a back. haha


It turned into a curly pattern on the back. i was trying to come up with something else to quilt in the alternate sections but just couldn't come up with anything that was quick and moved along without back tracking.

back close.jpg

Top thread was Glide Sienna in the light sections and Glide White in the dark sections. Bobbin thread was Bottom Line medium blue.


Binding was strips of backing fabrics after i trimmed it up. 

I like this one a lot.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

A trip to the Duck .... what do you think i did?

This trip i drug hubby along for a day. there were a few 'man' jobs on my list. haha   i got my son involved, too.  

First, we (and by we I mean dh and ds) got the other pocket door hung. i still need to give them another coat of paint.

pocket doors installed.jpg

And my back storm door has been hanging by the bottom hinge for a while. the previous owner 'repaired' it with a piece of wire....and that didn't last long, so dh put a few screws in it to hold it for a while longer. it is not at the top of the to-do list.

hinge screwed in.jpg

My next graffiti project is going to be the garage. I want to get it started to see how it is going to go. so, first i pulled the siding off...

tore off siding.jpg

Then i gave the plywood a coat of paint...

painted plywood.jpg

I have to cover up the doorway and make it a flat surface. that is the job for the next trip.

close doorway.jpg

I am going to do that small left side and leave it for the summer and through the winter. i'll see how it survives and then that will determine how....or if.....i do the other side.

I had 8 graffiti boards finished to go around the doorway, so i got those put up also.

almost all around.jpg

I am almost all the way around the door. i have background pieces cut for a few more pieces...have to paint them and get started gluing.

Here is the top of the left side

new left side.jpg

And the top of the right...

new right side.jpg

And a couple close ups

new left side 2.jpg

top 1.jpg

top 2.jpg

This wall is coming along quicker than i thought it would. .... which is good.

My sis and I did more yard sales this weekend and i came home with a truckload of stuff.....so on to the next boards.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Bears on Wheels

This little kids quilt was embroidered and pieced by my sister. it is just as cute as it can be. I just did some simple quilting on it. .. it will be drug around by a baby and spit on and whatever. haha


went around the embroidery and some background lines


If the embroidery was a bit large, i sewed through it to hold it down.


It's about 50" square....i didn't measure for sure.

fire truck.jpg







Border on blocks got crosshatching and sashing got wavy lines


Border got random lines back and forth


Top thread on most of quilt was bright yellow; in blocks was cream. bobbin thread was So FIne gold.


Got another cute baby quilt coming up soon.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Hexie progress

Today I made a little progress with some hexie projects.

The animal hexies now have 5 rows pieced together.  

5 rows.jpg

Now that i can see the lion circle came out well, i can really tell that i am putting them together properly. there was a little un-sewing in the beginning. haha

lion circle.jpg

And the blue and white hexies have about doubled. These are the pieced hexies. i hope i can put these all together. don't know if i should mix them all up or separate the cream from the white. what do you think? 

6 3 16.jpg

These are tedious projects and i can only work on them a couple hours before i get a headache. were these supposed to be relaxing?  haha  but i shall persevere so i can say that i made hexie quilts. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Folk Art Blocks

An UFO from September 30, 2013 is now finished. i think these blocks came from my Aunt Sophie....i got all her stash when she could no longer sew. it is 70x85". 


Not my usual colors




flying geese.jpg


I had some fullness issues in the middle, so there are some puckers here and there. 

X block.jpg

The back is a brownish gray that was in the stash...just enough for the back.

back 1.jpg

The quilting shows more on the back than on the front

back 2.jpg

back 3.jpg

Top thread was a Peach Glide...bobbin was a gold Bottom Line


Binding is the same fabric as the geese in the flying geese. i'm happy to have another one out of the to-be-quilted cabinet. next up are a couple of baby quilts for my sister.

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