Sunday, November 8, 2015

Cabin Cats #3 Log Cabin

Well, if your fabric line is called Cabin really must make a log cabin quilt....right?  i used my AccuCut machine to cut out the pieces.

Pieced March 19, is 80x94"


I think i like this fabric because of all the cute pictures. there are cats...






And hat boxes...with a little white mouse on top. 

hat boxes.jpg

Two borders....a blue and the rows; binding was the brown stripe

border and binding.jpg

Back was a muslin. Dark red Glide thread on the top; light brown So Fine in the bobbin. Panto was Plush by Lorien Quilting


I am going to order new wheels Monday. i have needed them for a year or more and they are really degrading now that i cannot make smooth turns. good thing this is my quilt. 

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