Saturday, November 21, 2015

Mary Lincoln Mourning Quilt is pieced .... almost 3 years in the making

I just finished putting this top together yesterday. we started working on this in class in March, 2013.  we worked almost 4 months just on the middle basket. learning a lot of different flowers and leaves and things.

I am happy to have this out of the UFO pile ..... of course, now it is in the to-be-quilted pile...but i am ok with that.

It is 106" square.  and it seems the border on the right side is a bit too large...seems to be waving. i will have to take that off and readjust. i measured them all and i don't think any 2 sides were the same. haha


This was fun and we learned a lot of new techniques...but it took a looong time.


I enjoyed the applique blocks





Silohettes of the 3 children that died...and Abe.  they were a bit tricky.





Tracing the eagles on the corner blocks was a challenge without a light box. took me forever. i will quilt over them....but maybe not ALL the lines.

corner eagles.jpg

I made these sets of blocks when we got the instructions....then, a couple of classes later, she decided to use different blocks. i kept the ones i had. 


red and blue.jpg

Also, about 2/3 of the way through the quilt, our teacher decided to make hers on black background. that will look very cool when she is finished with it. 

I might get this one quilted soon.....i have some ideas for it. oh, the last border was supposed to have scallops appliqued on it....with bows. i skipped that part all together. i plan on drawing out the scallops and just quilting them in. i am ready to be done with this one. 

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