Sunday, November 29, 2015

Some packing, some moving, some painting

I will probably have a nap today.  I went to my sister's on Friday....we packed up boxes of snowmen stuff. and i filled my truck and took a load of stuff to the beast.  she stayed behind to finish varnishing bedroom floor and painting. came back same day. 

Saturday...more packing....more loading and moving boxes to the beast. this time it was kitchen cabinets and curio cabinets. 

I did a bit of stuff at the Duck....just enough to say i did something.

I put the rest of the ruler pieces on the last edge of the office desk.

Put a second coat of paint on the pocket door that is hanging

And a first coat of paint on the pocket door that is not hung yet

Got the office door back up on its hinges. i had painted it the last trip

And i got a coat of green paint on the inside of the office matches the walls. still needs another coat. and i have to put the trim up and paint the doorway trim.

And i got the last pieces of the step graffiti hung, too.this is the other end of the purple, pink, red part.

A couple of close

This is actually pink


Red on on right.   do you see the set of teeth in the upper corner of the red?  hahaaha

I have another sheet of luan that i haven't used yet. i might have to figure out where else to put some graffiti. i probably have enough pieces of stuff to do a bit more. but where????   hhhmmmm!

There is probably not going to be any more work being done down there till spring when it is a bit warmer. i don't like working in the cold.

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