Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Brown and blue selvages with hearts

This top was started on November 12, 2014....and... a year later it is finally pieced. let's hope it doesn't take another year to get it quilted.  it is for the bed in 'my room' at my sister's house....that will now be my son's house....so, i might not have a room. haha

It is made with selvages of blue and brown. there actually is a pattern...if you can see it. the blue blocks go in a greek key pattern on the top and bottom. with rows of brown in the middle with an alternating row of brown and blue in the very middle. 

With a 2" border of brown and a 4" border of blue. i had some little hearts, so they went in the middle of all the blocks. of course, it is not ironed yet. haha

No matter how many selvage quilts i make, i just can't seem to use them all up.

This is queen size. .... about 92x102".  perhaps it will get quilted before the winter is gone.

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