Thursday, December 3, 2015

New quilt for class

We are starting a new quilt in my quilting class. unfortunately, i missed the first class....but i am catching up.

This is the quilt pattern. it is called Mannasses....i think i spelled that correctly. it is the name of a battle in the Civil War. all of Mary's designs center around the Civil War.  this is about 70x70"....there is also instructions to make it queen size....with a few added borders.

The center is an 18" feathered star. i have never made one and it was a challenge....but i think it turned out good. i'm glad we only have to make one.

There are 3 different blues but i'm not sure you can tell.  the outside diamonds are a different color from the points around the star.

Then i have to make 8 Lemoyne stars.  and, i have to tell you.....if you have the handy dandy ruler.....

And the instructions.....3 pages of wonderful instructions....

Then your stars turn out pretty awesome. the only problem is...they are supposed to be identical. and i didn't pay attention to how i laid the usual thing. haha    so, there will be 4 going 1 way and 4 going the other. i'm ok with that.

Star turned out almost perfect.

We won't even look at star didn't meet well in the middle. i don't know why. 

I guess i am still learning. i have about 10 days till the next class....i'll have the other 4 finished by then. 

This is going to be a blue and white/cream quilt. i might go for queen size.....we'll see how stressed i am with it when i get the middle finished. for now, i am liking it.

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