Saturday, December 5, 2015

Halloween quilt top

This little top is machine appliqued and embroidered....all done on the embroidery machine. i don't even know when i started it....last year? .... the year before that? .... but i am on a mission to finish up embroidery UFOs....there are about 8 of them.  sigh!!  

It is 38x46"  The designs came from Julie's Needle Designs....these are called Halloween Spooky Series.  she has some great stuff. i am working on getting the Christmas blocks together next.


Some close ups.

close 1.jpg

close 2.jpg

close 3.jpg

close 4.jpg

close 5.jpg

close 6.jpg

This one might be my favorite...i chuckle every time i see it. 


Don't know where it will live after it is quilted....probably wind up on eBay or Etsy.  

But.....first it has to be quilted.

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