Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Crazy Quilt

Another machine embroidery UFO is now a quilt top. this one is a Christmas crazy quilt. it's about 58" square. The background pieces are appliqued (with the embroidery machine).. and then embroidery stitching over that. 


I like some blocks more than others....i like the gingerbread boy.

gingerbread boy.jpg

I like the Bethlehem buildings


And naturally there is a gingerbread girl

gingerbread girl.jpg

The snowman is funny. the cardinal is looking at him like he is thinking what the hell are you doing. haha


There is a jolly santa. i like the music block and the church showing through the window

santa music window w church.jpg

I really like the santa and sleigh. the pattern showed it in black but i like it in red better.

santa and sleigh.jpg

The angel is pretty cool


There are several bells


I think the lamp post is pretty clever. the designer, Molly Mine, had her logo embroidered on the lamp post sign....but i skipped that part and just put an applique of pine cones there. I like the little house and the camel, too.

lamp post house camel.jpg

What i don't these blocks are very stiff and unwieldy.  i used tear away foundation paper and it is extremely hard to tear it away in all the small places. i'm going to try and get more of it off, but some places are impossible.

Like this...

back paper.jpg

And this....

back paper 2.jpg

And the sashings are a hot mess. most of the blocks were embroidered in the 'applique' format....which puts a narrow satin stitch around the edges. that was a mistake. i could not stitch next to it to put the sashing on so i stitched over the satin stitch as close as i could get to the edge. BUT....a bunch of the blocks were stitched in the 'quilting' format....which just put a loose zigzag around the edges. and they caused other problems. so, it has varied sizes of sashings. haha

It will probably sit in the to-be-quilted cabinet for some time before it gets quilted.....if it doesn't get sent to the thrift store if i don't want to deal with it. 

But....i can isn't an embroidery UFO any longer...and that counts for something.

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