Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The adventure of the Cubes

You have heard of moving pods..right?  UHaul has them. but, UPack has 'cubes'.  same concept. about an 8x8x7' box that you pack your belongings in and they ship the cube to your new address, where you (or your mom...LOL) unload it and they come and take the empty cubes back.

My son is coming back to Illinois.....i sent him 4 cubes. they arrived in St. Louis on Saturday and they delivered 2 of them monday afternoon.  they didn't get here until about 6...and it was we were doing this in the dark. my son can pack. there was not a square inch of space left in there. took him a few days to fill them up....took us 2 1/2 hours to empty the first 2. 

By then, the garage was half full of hundreds of boxes....and the other half was full of furniture.  

Well, the next set of cubes were coming the next day, so we shuffled boxes into the house and some furniture into the house....and re-arranged the rest of it to take up less space.

So, the next day the last 2 cubes came. this time, they came in the daylight hours...thank you Lord.  another 2 1/2 hours to unload them. but a bit tougher. dryers on top of washers. a huge box with a bathroom vanity with a marble top...that sucker was H.E.A.V.Y.  and there was a riding mower and other yard equipment.

Then we opened the last one...oh, and hide.  a few boards fell out at us. it was the garage cube. did i mention my son is a pack rat? well, he is.  things were all tied together. at that point we had given up on untying and just cut the ropes. haha    we found another riding mower....with 2 flat tires. and, bless his heart, another dryer on top of a washer. 8' metal tables. boxes of stuff where we said...'what the hell is this?"  LOL

But we got it all done. more boxes distributed into the house, garage stuff moved to the pool house in the back yard. and garage re-arranged once again.

He and his family will be here next week....with a 16' truck packed to the gills with more stuff. we have yet to see a couch, refrigerator, bed mattress....and who knows what else. 

Thank goodness my grandson, Justin, came to help out. another set of muscles is always welcome. 

So, while you are having your Christmas celebrations and eating good food....think of us...we'll be unpacking a 16' truck. LOL     and hoping to have enough energy to eat some food that evening. son and his wonderful wife will be here.....100 miles away....instead of 700 miles.  so, it is all good.

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