Monday, December 7, 2015

Embroidery Crazy Quilt Sampler

In an effort to finish up all my embroidery UFOs....this is the next one to be done. there are 20 blocks....i had only done 1 of them and put them in a box. i now have 5 of them finished...but it will take a bit to get them all done. i have been doing 2 a day so far. but it is tiring.

So far, i have....

The heart.....i should have done it all in pinks and reds.

The dog bone....too cute

The seashell

St. Patrick's Day

The wedding bell

I am making them the largest size...8" square. I can see these being used in different quilts. for instance, make a lot of wedding bells....maybe only put the embroidery in the middle squares. or some of the designs in each bell, not all of them. 

Or just use the pattern and applique the fabrics in the spaces and skip the embroidered parts.

So many possibilities.

This is the CD...from Anita Goodesign. 

They do come up with some unusual designs....i have many of their CDs.

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