Friday, December 11, 2015

Thread Illusions

This is another embroidery UFO that is now finished....sort of.  these designs are called Thread Illusions. i don't remember where i got them. there are 7 different sets with 8 or 9 designs per set... different sizes.  these designs just come from the first set. there are over 50 all together but i decided these 9 were good for now. i can always go back later and do more. 

The blocks are 9"

Sashing is something from the stash....i used it because of the primary colors that match the embroidery

It is about 32" square and will make a cool wall hanging or table topper.

I'm not sure if i would want a whole quilt of these....kind of make your eyes cross after a while. perhaps if they were stitched out quite small they would make a cool border.  for now i am done with them. haha

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