Monday, February 27, 2017

Jacobean Hummingbirds ... with Leather

I can't seem to make a quilt without leather these days. i might have an addiction problem.

The hummingbirds were appliqued and embroidered with the embroidery machine. The red/orange arc trim is leather.  I cut the leather pieces with this template.


It is about 43" square


Corner shot


A close up of some of the birds


I chose to only SID around the birds and then a quarter inch around that. the batting is really thick, so they stand out.


I used the leather needle and quilted down the leather trim first. First SID around the block, then stitch around the arcs, then another quilted arc (i used the template for that). 


Then i switched to a regular needle and quilted the rest, matching the thread color to the fabric.


Threads used were Glide Cobalt blue, red, and light blue for the top and So Fine lilac, Glide red, and Bottom Line medium blue for the back.


The backing is another piece i got from someone. It almost feels like upholstery, but not quite.


And that concludes my February to-do list....I managed to finish everything on the list.

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