Friday, February 10, 2017

Selvage Dots

This is one of my all time favorite quilts...and I am keeping it.

I finished piecing it on August 14, 2014....and it took a Looong time to gather all those dots. i was pulling all my fabrics off the shelves and cutting off the dots. haha   i even went to friends' houses and cut their dots. i had soooo much fun putting this together.


It is 66x82....and a bit heavy due to all those seams and the selvages being sewn onto a muslin backing.This was actually my quilting path...the circles are a secondary design. I guess I could have picked a better block to show...that one is a bit crooked. haha

quilting path.jpg

I put them horizontal and vertical


I love when the selvages are a different color...that doesn't happen too often.


And I really love when they use something besides dots...Texas might be my favorite.


The squares are always cool


squares 2.jpg

The back is Christmas fabric from JoAnns, bought a couple bolts last year for half off...specifically for backings.  Once I quilted a couple rows, I noticed the circles. then I decided i needed to put something inside those I went back and just quilted around the corners. they were a bit thick in places, which is why i chose the pattern that i did, so as not to break a needle.  They look like donuts....or bagels...or vehicle tires....or whatever you want them to be. You notice I don't really care if every one is exactly the same. I'm not that picky.


Glide Cobalt for the top and Bottom Line medium blue for the bobbin. Various leftover bits of binding from other projects. I love that i can use up all those binding bits on my quilts....I have a whole basket full of them...separated by colors...and wrapped on empty spools. haha

thread.jpg I quilt something leather....something else for me...or something to sell.  decisions, decisions

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