Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The adventure of the leather dinosaur quilt

I machine embroidered these dinosaurs with my embroidery machine....most are real leather...some are faux leather. it was my experimental go through the washer and dryer to see if it survives. I am doing the testing for you....i want you to be informed about leather. haha

Here it is after quilting and before washing. I quilted around the dinos...and into the body where there was a line of embroidery stitches. 


This is a real leather block



This is a faux leather block

red thick.jpg

The borders got a panto

border panto.jpg

The back was the remainder of a backing from something else

back close.jpg

Thread was a goldy kind of Glide for the top and a So Fine cream for the bobbin


First washing was on delicate cycle, warm water, low spin, regular soap.   after washing, some of the faux leather dinos were coming apart....the red one especially.  i didn't want to throw it in the dryer in that condition, so i hung it outside to dry.

The next morning I zigzagged around the problem dinos. then threw it in the washer again....delicate cycle, cold water, low spin, Andi soap (my DIL makes soap..haha).  after washing, everything was held together just fine. i hung it on the line once again to dry.

Results after zigzagging and washing 2nd time...

red dino is a bit wrinkly...but ok

after red.jpg

black dino survived just fine

after black.jpg

The leather dinos weathered the washer and dryer fabulously.

after brown leather.jpg

after white leather.jpg

Yesterday i threw it in the washer once again....regular cycle, warm water, fast spin, regular soap.  everything came out just fine. then i got brave and threw it in the dryer. not a problem. so, that tells me i can wash real leather and put it in the dryer without any ill effects. of course, these dinos weren't large; the largest unquilted space was probably 3-4". long as i don't use the faux leather...all is well.  i am happy

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