Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Helen gave me an award!

My online friend, Helen, gave me a Liebster Blog Award today. wow....i've never gotten a blog award before. and i don't even have a speech prepared. LOL  i hadn't heard of it before and didn't know what it was all about. so i checked it out. it looks kind of like a pay it forward kind of thing. Helen gave me an award....someone else gave Helen an award....someone else gave HER an award....etc.  very cool.

The award is for bloggers who have less than 300 followers....yep, that's me.....i THINK (i hope) there are more than 20 people who read my blog....but, alas, i only have 20 followers. apparantly i am not a good Pied Piper. tell me people......what do i have to do.....i feel dejected. maybe i need to give away stuff. maybe i need to blog more. but i don't think my everyday life is blog worthy...i'm basically a pretty boring person. LOL  i get up...go to the studio....come back home....check the some....go to bed....get up...start all over again. see.....perhaps i need a life. i need to bestow this award on more bloggers that i read that have fewer followers, too. so there are more people in this train with me....but i am trailing back in the caboose. does that make me a loser?  come on.....become a follower so i can build up my self esteem.

I hereby bestow the Liebster Blog Award to:

1.  Kay in Scotland....    
    i think Kay is awesome. she makes lovely quilts and shows the most beautiful pictures of Scotland that it just makes you want to go and visit her.

2.  Riel Nason in Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
   she has beautiful quilts and she is a girl after my own heart and does selvage quilting. check out her selvage snowman quilt and her selvage sampler quilt.

3.  Lynne in New England
   she has lots of quilt pictures and they are all great. and she works on word quilts...i really like those.

I read many blogs on a daily keep on writing people.

I just had a brain fart.....i don't sign up to be a follower on people's blogs myself......i better go do that....duh!

I'll do better...promise.


Borderline Quilter said...

Thank You friend...please take a look at my recent post...Best Wishes
Kay in Scotland

Riel Nason said...

Thanks Shirley!!! I have linked back to your blog in my post today. Happy Quilting!

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