Thursday, February 17, 2011

Violet monochromatic challenge finished

I have my February Violet monochromatic challenge quilt finished. not quite as quick as last month. and it isn't the prettiest quilt i have ever done. but there is lots of violet/purple fabric gone off the shelves and lots of purple selvages gone....and that is the idea.

Here is an overall.

And a closeup of a dark and light block.

It's kind of hard to tell the selvages since i used the same selvage where i could for the whole block. but all the corners are selvages.  i used a panto on this's called Blooming Feathers by Anne Bright. although some of it looks like a drunk quilted is no reflection on Anne....i just haven't followed a panto in some time and i went off the lines...a LOT. LOL  pantos take practice too and if you don't do them regularly your brain doesn't want to cooperate.

Here's a shot of the back.

And a closeup

On the back i used some Aunt Sophie yardage. just when i think i have used up all of my inheritance....i find more. this was a 6.5 yard piece...plenty large enough to piece together and use. and i have a bit over half a yard left....after cutting off the selvages of course.

I tell myself that i have enough selvages and should just toss them....but i just can't. the other day i managed to throw some in the trash.....and went back a bit later and retrieved them. is that sad or what? but i just know they can be something lovely and i HAVE TO use them.

Now i have to concentrate on #10...the rest of this month's challenge from JudyL. i have 3 of 14 rows put together. i know i will be gone 3 or 4 days this month so i have to do 2 rows a day if i hope to finish by the end of the month. i did a row this think i'll go back up to the house and get the next row done.

I've been walking to the studio in the hopes that that bit of walking will help joggle some fat off. i have been doing a couple miles on the threadmill daily too. Ugh!!  it sucks.....but my sis and i have made a pact to each lose 20 pounds before we go to Texas the first of May. (that's the first of May....THIS YEAR). LOL

Hubby has been trying to feed me better....less fried food....and tonight is bbq pork steaks. i swear i can smell them all the way over here. i love bbq. to manage the second shift for today at the house.
Talk to you soon.


Vicki W said...

You are fast!

Julie said...

Very pretty!!!

Marg said...

Wow that was quick, great design.

Debbie said...

our quilt is a good use of purple. Love it. Can I come to your house...I love bbq pork steaks!

Dionne said...

Nice! Your quilt is fast and fabulous, what a great combination.

QuiltSwissy said...

What a beauty!


Alycia said...

I like it!

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