Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weekend excitement

Well, i made it to the city on Friday....stopped by and picked up my camera that was in for repair....glad to have it back. i took pictures with it at the Duck but when i got home to download said there were no pics there. i don't know what i did wrong. i am not tech savvy. i forgot to bring my memory card and it only let me take about 8 or 10 pics but i really don't know what happened to them. i could see them when i took them. it is a mystery to me. so, i have no pics for you today. my bad! i am guessing cameras have black holes like computers do.

We did a bit of thrift store shopping. i came away with an unusual side table. i have never seen one like it before. i like the unusual. the flat thin legs were set into the table corners at a 45 degree angle. two legs were a little bit wobbly but i shall figure out how to fix that. it is just stained a light brown....that will be changed, something bright and bubbly.

And in another thrift store i found a tiny table...large enough to hold a small lamp for $2.  it is just about 12" square .... has a little drawer and open space underneath. it is stained a dark brown. but it is made of real wood and was i gave it a home.

My sis found a great stuffed armchair in pink for $19. it is a heavy thing. we struggled to get it into the Beast. Plan A was to take it upstairs...but it now lives downstairs. there are 2 turns in her stairs and we didn't think we could get the chair and us up there in one piece. perhaps another day.

We spent part of Saturday at the Duck. took 2 panels of paneling off an enclosed front suspected it was formerly an open porch. here it is before i tore into it..and we actually got 2 sheets of paneling off without breaking the light in the ceiling...note for next week...take down that light...or busting out any windows. LOL

we found the asbestos shingles under the paneling. since the rest of the outside of the house has siding...this was closed in prior to that. not sure what i will do with that wall....but we found yet another window that was closed up under there, too. the window will be restored. Whoever did that porch remodel used some sort of clear, heavy plasticy caulk-like stuff around the windows. you can see the edge of the window in the very right hand side of the pic above.  in trying to take off the get the paneling down.....the wood trim on the windows broke before the plasticy stuff let go. that was some GOOD stuff let me tell you. the wood trim was rounded at the corners for about an inch and wrapped around the window....never seen anything like it. kind of cool....but i couldn't get it off without breaking it.

My sis tore part of a wall out in another room....the plaster was falling down anyway and it all has to come down so i can get wiring in there and insulation.

it is a dirty, dusty job. i have dust masks on the list to bring back for next week. and some trash cans and a flat shovel to pick up all the pieces. and contractor thick trash bags to haul it all out. the trash men are NOT going to like me.

I measured the bathroom and the office next to it. came home and drew out plans to make the bathroom larger so i can do what i want. here is what i have now...

Yuck.....right now it is 5'8" x 7'10"...i think it will be 7'8" x 11' when i am done. i have to made sure the wall between the bath and office is not load bearing....i want to move it over 2 feet.  we don't think it is. and i am using some space from a little hall-like area that has absolutely no use now. it will be put to better use in the new bathroom. i have big plans for a cool shower....and a larger window...and a pretty sink....and....sigh!!!

My plan for next week's venture at the Duck includes picking up the demolition we left laying all around and bagging it for the trash. And taking nails out of the trim i took down. if it is not broken i plan on keeping it to see if perhaps it can be used later. i want to demo one room completely so i can stack my 'maybe reuseable' items in there.

On Sunday we stayed at the Beast and gave it some love. We have to fix up the upstairs bathroom so it can be used...then finish tearing out the downstairs bathroom so it can turn into the room for the furnace and water heater. then she can have some heat and water....which will help tremendously. carrying in jugs of water is not really all that much fun.

So we took out the lovely mauve colored toilet and the lovely matching mauve colored sink. luckily they came out rather easily. we attempted some tile removal. i say attempted because it wasn't all that easy. those tile were under some carpet for lots of years and the glue from back then still sticks really well. oh...and the wallpaper on the was pretty old...had the strings in it. at least it peeled off in strips quite had been painted over at least twice.  and i scraped some ...i paper off the door and part of a cabinet. picture this.....these mauve colored pieces were in a bathroom with lime green walls....paper was lime green with large flowers. not conducive to spending a lot of time in there.

Here's an old pic..before we got in there and tore it up...pretend the lid is down...LOL

So, we got a little bit done....every little bit counts. i am anxiously awaiting warmer weather so i can spend about 3 days at the Duck and really get into it. LOL

But right now....reality's duties include finishing the quilt on the frame and get it delivered and quilt up my violet monochromatic challenge quilt.

Talk to you soon.

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