Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It started out as Violet...

JudyL's pick for the monochromatic challenge for February was Violet. uummmmm....i don't have a lot of violet. sorry, Judy, it STARTED out as violet but didn't get very far so we just moved on to shades of purple....and lots of purple selvages.

At least the top is done and i have 2 weeks to get it quilted.  i think i can...i think i can

Here is a close up of a light block....yep, those are all selvages on the corners.

And here is a darker block.

I wanted to use only the selvages without the white part on them. except in this block they were really narrow...so that was ok. but in the last 10 dark blocks i had to get creative and fold the white under. that was a bit time consuming.

And i have no excuse for the wild sashing....i just like it. and it DOES have purple in it...honest....look again...........look harder.  it DOES.

Might need to slow the clock down some for this month....i have a lot on my plate and the weather is not helping.

Back soon....i hope.

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