Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Frederick need a wife

Yesterday i had fun with frogs. i spent a few days embroidering 12 frog blocks and then yesterday pieced the top together. they just looked so cute and playful. it turned out to be 52x70. small kid size.....i need a kid who likes frogs.

This quilt is all about Frederick the Frog. Frederick has decided that he needs a wife. his momma had always told him to choose wisely....and he is having a bit of a problem trying to decide who in the pond to choose as his wife. Frederick's momma always called him by his whole name....never Fred or Freddie....always Frederick has a bit of an enlarged ego. one day he found a crown at the edge of the pond and decided that it was left there just for him. after fit perfectly....and his momma always told him he would be the King of the Pond one day.

So now Frederick is spending his days swimming and jumping and croaking and looking for love. he looked at Felicia first....after all, she has a larger lily pad than he does and they both could live there very well.

Then he thought of Fatima. she has a very long tongue and can catch bugs from a great distance. that is something to be admired in a frog.

And who could forget about Fawn. she is so shy that she is usually found hiding in the flowers and cattails at the edge of the pond. i think she likes Frederick but is too shy to tell him.

Now Fantasia would be a lot of fun...she is always happy. she flirts with all the boy frogs and jumps all over the pond. she doesn't worry overly much about catching bugs though ..... sometimes she just chases the butterflies.

Flora is Fantasia's sister.....she is always happy, too. everyone is her friend. she is rather young and perhaps not yet ready to be Frederick's wife.

One of Frederick's favorites in the pond is Fiona. she is rather small but has big beautiful eyes. what frog wouldn't just love to look into those lovely eyes every day. and she has the best smile.

Frederick's momma thinks he should marry Florence. Frederick is not sure about that. Florence is a bit on the chubby side....but his momma says that means she can catch a lot of food and will make sure he is fed well.

Frederick is just not sure who to pick.....his head is just spinning. he thinks he will go take a nap for a while and decide later.

Who do you think Frederick should marry?


Vicki W said...

Oh my gosh, how cute! Frederick should marry the one who loves him the most!

bluetongue882000 said...

Hi Shirley,
You should publish this as a book! I love it.
No answer to your big question though. He has too wide a choice to select from! Love all the "F" names. Christine D

sam said...

What a great story! Frederick should let one of those lovelies pick him!

MaryAnn said...

How cute is this! I think he should pick Fantasia! hehehe

BJ said...

Hi Shirley, This is so much fun! I agree with his mom, he should marry Florence. Us "chubby" gals need to stick together. LOL

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