Tuesday, May 10, 2011

News from Texas

Well, we finally made it back home again. from my house to my sons is only a bit over 700 miles but it might as well be the moon. it seems like such a looong way to drive. we left here to clouds and got some sunshine along the way....but as luck would have it....it rained when we got there and rained that whole first day.

But my sis and I are slow travelers. we made many stops along the way to amuse ourselves. in Sleeper, MO there is a lady who has a jigsaw puzzle store. she has 3100 different puzzles. and we are both puzzle makers so we spent a bit of time there and each bought a puzzle. she had puzzles with pieces up to 20,000 pieces. there was one with 8000 pieces that i really liked but don't have a table large enough to set it out. plus it was like $150. it's a great place.

And we stopped for lunch, potty breaks, gas breaks and such. by 6pm we found ourselves in McAlester, OK and decided to spend the night there. the EconoLodge was very nice...looked like they might have just remodeled. frig and microwave and large tv...what else do you need.

The next day it took us another 6 hours to get to Granbury....there were a few stops involved. LOL

But i had loads of fun. the main purpose of the trip was to teach my DIL to sew. someone had given her an old Kenmore machine from the 60s....in a nice cabinet. but there wasn't a manual but we kind of got it to work. but it had several issues....backstitch, tension, and such. i decided that for a beginner sewer that she didn't have to deal with those issues AND learn how to sew.

So, the next day we went shopping and brought home a Brother CQ9000. (maybe QC...one of those LOL)  but Andi was thrilled and we sewed for 3 straight days. doesn't she look so serious? ...but we did a lot of laughing.

I showed her how to cut out the pattern to make doggie coats. she did a great job.

Andi liked all the fancy stitches and we spent a little time playing with the stitches. in 3 days we made 3 coats and a couple leashes.

I can't believe i don't have a picture of the third one. it was a different pattern...a bit longer...and it had a collar. we tried them out on the dogs...and they all looked so cute. they raise and sell dachshund puppies....so i told andi to outfit all the dogs when someone comes to get a puppy and they will see how cute they are and buy a coat, too. LOL 

They have turned their spare bedroom into a doggie room so i spent the nights at Andi's mom's. Bridgette has a house 'up the hill' as she calls it from Andi and Larry....on their property. so i got to visit with Bridgette some, too. both she and Larry were at work mainly during the time we were there....but that is ok.....andi and i had time to sew.

Here is Andi and Bridgette. andi might not be too happy with me showing her in her jammies....sorry Andi. LOL

Tomorrow i will show you their puppies....there are lots of them.

Break is over....back to work.

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