Thursday, May 12, 2011

The puppies of Texas

My son and DIL's place in Texas is called LAS Farm....they raise puppies.  Great Danes and Dashchunds.  what a combination...right?  And they have a horse, a mule and a parrot. it's pretty much like a zoo. there is no lack of puppy love. when you sit have a puppy (or 2) jump in the chair with you for some puppy love. they are all so cute.

While we were visiting there were 4 new puppies...about 5 weeks old. so adorable. Here is momma and one of the can see a brown one inside the kennel. they were having a good time rolling around with each other and playing.

And, wouldn't you know it....about 3 hours AFTER we left....another momma had 4 more puppies. i was so hoping she would have them while we were there. i believe there are 9 females and 5 male dashchunds for breeding. they are all treated like kids....they have their own room and play outside in their pens. there is no sneaking up on the property....someone is going to see you and start the barking.

There are also 4 outside dogs...Sheena, Shyla, Sherman (my son calls him Sherm the Worm), and Shasta Cola. I love Shasta...she is a bassett hound and calahoula (sp?)...cow dog. she is about 4 months old and her ears about drag the ground. she is at the tripping over her own feet stage....her only drawback is she likes to jump on you. but she is adorable.

The one that my sister loved and spent a lot of time holding and petting was Queenie. she is special. she doesn't have back legs...but it doesn't seem to slow her down AT ALL. she is friends with Crazy Shirley (the dashchund that started it all) and they wrestle and play a lot. my son build her a little contraption with wheels that they strap her into and she gets around well.

The big guys are Shazbot and Shamus. my sister has a puppy from them. this is shazbot

this is shamus. when both of them are on the couch (their couch..LOL) just go find another place to sit.

The little guy on the left is Treasure. she is a scardy cat and just barks at you and runs.

Larry turned the spare bedroom into the puppy room. i think he did a terrific job.

I love that he used the corrugated tin for the bottom of the walls. i want to do that at the duck in the laundry room. i was admiring his work and he said it was in self defense that he did it.....he got tired of replacing drywall with the danes would eat a chunk out of it. LOL

Andi is a great cook and fed us well. she spends her day chasing after puppies, feeding horses, cleaning and cooking. a wonderful woman who i love dearly.

Most all of their animals have names that start with SH or S.
The horse is Shocker; don't remember the mule.
The parrot is Spinner
I can't remember all the dachshund names....after a while they all seem the same. LOL they love to burrow under blankets. all the chairs and couches have several blankets on them. before sitting you always have to check for puppies.

But you can't forget Shirley.....Crazy son swears he did not name her after me.....yeah, right!. i have never seen a dog like that one....she is so hyper. running over couches and chairs and over you if you are sitting on the couch or chair. she brings you a toy, drops it at your feet and barks at you until you throw it for her.....over and over again. i never saw her sleep. she is one busy, nosy dog.

We had such a good time it was hard to leave. we all need to live closer together so we can visit more often. now i have to get back into the Missouri routine think about the next Texas trip.

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