Tuesday, October 15, 2013

545 + 600 = ?

It equals how many black walnuts i have picked today at the house and at the studio.

That is what happens when you leave town for 3 days and your husband won't pick for you.

One tree at the house and one tree at the studio are finished producing....but one tree at each location still has quite a few hundred walnuts left up there. 

Gonna have a freezer full of walnuts.


Jim Bruner said...

Hummmmmm, you forgot to mention I wash all those black walnuts for you in our old Maytag ringer/washer, spread them to dry and box them up for you.

Jim Bruner said...

Of course you do pick them up and hull them for me then crack them and pick the nuts out of them. I conceed you have more to do than I do on the Black Walnuts. BUT I do help eat the finished cookies, cakes and candy. lol

Jim Bruner said...

First it was garden produce, then apples, then black walnuts, then squash now its pears. It's a vicious circle.

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