Monday, October 28, 2013

Sweet Potato Harvest 2013

Back in the spring i had a sweet potato that was sprouting. so i did what any person would do...i stuck it in a glass of water and let it sprout a vine. once it got going good....i cut it into 3 pieces and planted them outside. i had sweet potato vines going up the trellis along with the morning glories and one in the tire with the flowers.

When i came home yesterday from the Duck, we had gotten a frost and the vines were dead. so, i went and dug them up. this is what i got from my 1 sweet potato that i planted in the spring.

There are going to be a few batches of sweet potato fries in my future. 


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helen-mary said...

I did the same thing Shirley. You have a better harvest than me but I plan to try again next year.

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