Monday, October 14, 2013

Quack, quack

I spent the weekend at the Duck ..... but like a dumb cluck ....  i forgot my camera. so, you just have to imagine.

I accomplished:

1.  Second wall of dining room has all barn wood on it .... and is painted.

2.  Third wall of dining room has about a fourth finished in barn wood....then i ran out of sanded boards.

3.  Didn't want to sand more barn wood ..... so, I...

4.  Painted the inside and outside of 3 cabinets in the pantry.  Pink!  it was back breaking....tall enough to need a ladder and far enough back over the counter that you needed to be a contortionist to get all in and around and under. but i got it done....two coats.

5.  Painted the inside cubbies on a hutch in the living room. Purple!  hahahaha   another contortionist job. 

6.  Glued red ceramic tile pieces onto the counter part of the hutch. will grout them next time i go down there. i had leftover broken pieces from my sister's project, so it looks like a jigsaw puzzle. will paint the outside of the hutch bright white.

7. Found 2 little tables and a piano bench at a yard sale across the alley from my sister's on saturday morning....scored those for the duck. just need a few more lamps....table and floor lamps. 

8.  Got hold of my contractor and will order some wallboard next time for the walls. hope i get some walls up next month. but, that means i need to finish putting up insulation on the outside walls. that wall that has little sections about 2'x3' that i have to cut each piece of insulation to fit. ugh!!

There are so many things that i want to do ..... but can't do until i have walls. 

I need a sugar daddy with deep pockets.


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