Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ebony and Ivory top finished

This is a quilt top that was designed by my friend, Mary. i think it is so pretty. i did a few things differently than the pattern....some intentionally and some accidentally.

Here is the pattern

And here is a closeup of the pattern.

Here is my version.

Had i read the instructions instead of just looking at the picture, i would have realized that there was supposed to be a black border first before the white border. but i didn't notice it until i had the white border on. sorry, know wasn't getting re-done.

You will notice mary's quilt has embroidered blocks between the pieced star blocks. but i had this black and white toile fabric that seemed to go with it. 

And, my blocks aren't in the same configuration that hers are. i used different fabrics in different places and had to move them around some.

Some blocks are simpler than others

But all the blocks are very nice.

I think i got them all pieced properly.

But, in the end, it all turned out great. it might get quilted soon...i like it. i'm thinking of making a red and white one. if i do, i shall do the embroidery blocks.

Thanks, Mary, for a great pattern. the blocks are paper pieced so that makes them easy. the blocks are 6".

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