Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's official....the Duck has WALLS!!!

I just got back from a week at the Duck. i didn't intend to stay that long....but my contractor didn't start hanging drywall until Sunday....then it continued on to Monday....and then finished up on Tuesday. 

I spent 3 days finishing up the insulation installation before he got there. i don't even know how many rolls of insulation i used....i think about 14 or 15.  i am sick of insulation. i still have the back porch to do....and i have more than half of a roll that should do it. but i am in no hurry to do that.

I know once you see one wall with drywall on've seen them all....but here are some pics for you. i am sooooo happy to have walls.  the tape and mud won't get done till spring since i don't have a furnace and am told i can't do that in the cold. but.....i have walls. hahahaha

This is the second bedroom. i had removed all the tables and pillows and such so still have to bring all those things back out again. but i was too tired to do it yesterday.

Other side of second bedroom

This is the master bedroom and the dressing room/closet area at the back. there are french doors that go there.

That little stack of drywall on the floor is all that is left of 80 sheets. 3 full sheets and some pieces. and the 3 sheets will be used in the living room...once the pocket doors are installed.

Entry/foyer....whatever.  this is off the master bedroom and might be used as a little sitting room. i could put a nice chair there with a lamp and have a reading area. that door on the right goes to the enclosed front porch

Hallway that goes to the laundry room.

Kitchen. still need new windows in here. and some cabinets...hahaha...and a sink...and a stove....and a frig.  you get the idea. but....i have WALLS!

other side of kitchen. through that doorway goes to the dining room....hallway goes to the laundry room.

part of living room. window on left looks onto back enclosed porch. that space sort of curves around those 3 windows. i need a large curvy couch. hahaha

Office space. 

My main man, Rick.

Rick's helper, Thomas. 

I did an awful lot of picking up behind them and sweeping and vacuuming and mopping. it doesn't seem like a big house until you start mopping. hahaha

My next trip out i will hang the doors back up between the rooms. then i can finish up my barn wood walls in the dining room. still lots to do. got to save money for a furnace. think that will be my next large purchase. plus i need to go down in the creepy basement and pull out the rest of the wooden boxes that were built for ductwork for the old furnace. 

Getting closer


Vicki W said...

That's a major milestone! Congratulations!

Jim Bruner said...

My wifes home away from home. Once she finishes this house I am almost afraid of what she will tackle next. It might even be an old, old, old 10 story apartment building. LOL !! Shirley told me that her contractor renamed the house from the "Duck" to "The Beast 2" Shirleys sister Cindy is the owner of "The Beast" The contractor calls the Beast 1 and Beast 2 because they are both a nightmare to work on, nothing square or plumb and no wall studs or ceiling joists on 16 or 24 centers. So ** NOTHING "" lines up like it should. Anyway had to put my 2c worth in. As long as Shirley is happy, I am happy

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