Monday, November 4, 2013

Glory Garden

This was a fun quilt with a mixture of applique and piecing. still using up the wool felt, so the applique is wool felt. 

So far, it is still a top and not quilted but it is going to be fun to quilt. i made myself a note to quilt the colorful borders as seasons; green is spring; yellow is summer; orange is fall and blue is winter. would have been better if the colors followed each other.....but i didn't think of it until after it was done. and you know i rarely take anything apart and re-do.

The applique was easy and fun. it was my evenings entertainment when i went to the Duck.

It's nice using up leftover fabrics.

I put buttons between the flower names that were embroidered

For some reason i had trouble getting the pieces right on these blocks. there WAS some re-sewing there.

The Posy panel had almost 100 pieces of applique. it took forever and a day.

It might not all be according to the pattern.....i improvised a place or two.

I love the little birds in the nest. i need to put a worm in momma bird's beak.

I got a little carried away with the butterfly and embellished him a bit while i was appliqueing him down.

And although there is an applique bee for the bee hive, i also added a button bee going into the hive. he's a little fuzzy and hard to see. oops!

That makes 2 things to cross off my to-do list for November. isn't it funny how you get things done quicker if they are on a list? LOL

I have a pork roast in the crock pot to make BBQ sandwiches tonight. i might have to take a nap so i quit smelling it for a while. they are tempting me.

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