Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Whirlwind Week - the good and the bad

I spent the last few days with my sister in Illinois and went to the Duck. 

BAD - Unfortunately, i forgot to pack my camera. i kept thinking i was forgetting something....but it didn't dawn on me what it was until i had been gone for 2 days. sigh!!

GOOD - I left on Friday.....with my truck full of 'stuff' always. We went to the annual book sale in Greenville, IL on Friday....always a fun stop. came back with the back of the truck full of books of all kinds. some for me..some for sis....some for the Hobbit Hole. after leaving that sale....we passed by a library in a small town that was having a book sale outside.....tables worth. so, we stopped and bought a few more books. hahaha

GOOD - I got some work done on the Duck. finished putting up the luan on the last wall of the dining room and painted it black. and got 7 barn wood boards put up. that doesn't sound like a lot....but i had to go around an electrical plug and an electric switch plate with 3 switches. it takes a bit of measuring,, re-cutting....till i got those pieces up. and it was pretty warm. 

GOOD - I finally found someone to make me a stained glass window for the transom spot above the back door. it should be ready to pick up in 2-3 weeks. i am excited to see what she does. i sort of gave her artistic license to do whatever....something graphic and colorful were my instructions. she had some pretty things in her shop.

GOOD - I finished the grouting on my hutch. that is always a messy, yucky job. and it is not all that great...but it is done. i might have to cover it up with a table runner or something.

BAD - My contractor dude, Rick, was supposed to show up and install my pocket doors....but that didn't happen. so i didn't get those last 3 pieces of drywall up off the floor. i can't seem to get that project going.

BAD - And there was a storm Monday night that messed up some of my shingles and my roof leaked. I came in on Tuesday morning to water on the floor in the office. i called a roofer and he came out promptly....and it is supposed to be repaired today....i hope so.  i left a couple of buckets where it was leaking so hopefully it will catch any water if the roof doesn't get repaired before it rains. 

BAD - And there is a small tree laying over by the fence. i don't know if that was the result of a storm or what. i was going to either cut it down or push it back up and tie it to the tree next to it....hahhaaha.....but i didn't get that accomplished.

GOOD - My handy hubby built me two shelves so i took those down to the Duck. and went and bought some casters to put on the bottom of them so they could be moved easily. I got 1 set of casters to go for the next time. 

GOOD - Oh, and i helped my sis take the ceiling down in her sunroom so she could build more book shelves for her ever expanding library. it was a messy, dirty job but we got it basically finished. there is just a bit around one edge that she has to take care of. she will put a tin ceiling up in there....gonna be cool. 

GOOD - So, now i am back home and feel kind of lost. got to get into a different mold and do different things. this morning i staked 6 tomato cages that handy hubby made. and trimmed more dead branches from the apple trees. 

GOOD - I got another big box of selvages from my friend, Leanne, so that was fun to come home to. i have already cut the dots out....just need to trim them up and see how many blocks i can make. i have another friend sending me some selvages, too. i am so excited to have friends share their selvages with me. that is going to be a fun quilt.

BAD - GOOD - My only other job for today is to mow the grass at the studio. it's been a couple of weeks since i cut it and it has rained quite a is rather tall.  gonna be a lot of nice grass mulch for the garden. 

I shall try and remember the camera for the next trip so i can share pics.

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