Thursday, June 26, 2014

Still HSTerical

This week i made small 2" and brights. so far, i have 192 of them. there will be 450 or so before i am finished. 

I made one set of 6 from every color i have. 

Many more to make yet. some colors will have only 6....some 12...and some 18 or more.

And then putting together all of those 450....the quilt will still only be about 40x46".  sad ... too small for all that work. gotta figure out a plan to make it a bit larger.

But, more fabric being all is good.

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Mari said...

Looks good so far! That's a LOT of HSTs! As for making it bigger, wait until you get them all made, then you can play around with the usual--sashing, borders, solid alternate blocks, etc. Any way you do it is sure to look great!

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