Thursday, June 5, 2014

Selvage Dots blocks update

Last week, my new best friend, Leanne, sent me a box of selvages. i was in selvage heaven.
of course, i don't NEED more selvages.....but i did NEED selvage dots. 

They were stuffed in that box.  look at all those.  for 2 nights i cut out dot sections and trimmed them down.

For 3 nights i made 6" selvage dot blocks.  i got 32 blocks from what Leanne sent me. isn't she the greatest? 

Now i had enough for 6 rows of i HAD to put them together.  i only need 9 more rows. haha gotta wait till i get more dots.

I put one row horizontally and the next row vertically.  i like the look that gives.

And i am so happy that designers are now putting something on their selvages besides plain dots. actually, i don't know if it is the designers job to do that....but whoever is doing it.....i want more. see the little acorns?

This one has birds. at first i thought they were leaves....but i think they are birds. you can tell next to the birds that i pieced two pieces together to make that strip. no dots were wasted.

This one has butterflies

I had several with these little flowers

I had never seen these ribbons before. 

And, my personal favorite....spiders. i LOVE those. 

I may have to call this quilt the Leanne quilt.....her dots have made almost half of my blocks so far. thank you again, are a life saver.

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