Friday, June 20, 2014

Public Library Quilt

 Our public library in town...well, the next town, actually..haha....has a small children's section. and i have had these book embroidery designs for several years....bought specifically to make a quilt for the library. that finally came to fruition.   ta da!

My favorite block is the cow...isn't she pretty?

This little dinosaur reminds me of how kids lay down and read books.

And another dinosaur

I'm thinking this is a dragon.

I don't think an elephant can sit like this....can they? 

And a frog on his lily pad ... probably reading about bugs.

The giraffe has to take many books at a time to be able to read them.

Do you think the monkey reads Curious George?

What would the monster read?

The owl probably has a recipe to cook mice.

I'll bet the robot reads sci-fi.

Poor turtle has a precarious pile there.

This is the back...still need to tack down the sleeve.

I just did a simple outline and echo in the blocks, SID the sashing and border and meander in the border.

I hope the kids like it. 


Vicki W said...

That will be so cute in a library!

AnnieK said...

What an adorable quilt! I work in a library, so I think this quilt is extra cool. ;-)

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