Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Library card catalog cabinet

I have been negotiating with the library in the next town for their card catalog cabinet.....for my sister's library. i learned they are going online with their books and will no longer need it. so i was trying to make a deal. one of the ladies who works in the library wanted it....so i didn't think i had much of a chance.

What changed their minds?  i made a wall hanging for the library...for the kids section. and once again expressed my desire to own their old cabinet. one of the library ladies called me the next day and told me it was mine for the taking. she called the director and told him about the wall hanging and that i wanted the cabinet and pleaded my case for me. she is a very nice lady. just had to pick it up as soon as possible so they could get it out of there....and i had to take the cards that were in the drawers. i told her not a problem....i was out of town but would be there tuesday afternoon to get it.

Thankfully it breaks down into pieces.....8 pieces....with 35 drawers full of cards....heavy drawers. i got it all in my truck. 

And then figured i better re-assemble the thing in the barn before i forget how it goes together. this is the bottom half.

There are 2 little shelves that pull out to use in writing

This is the top half

It is going to be an awesome addition to my sister's library. and we got it for the asking. 

But perhaps making the wall hanging pushed it in my favor...who knows. but it is one nice piece of furniture. and will be at the Beast in the library by the end of the month.

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