Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Work at the Duck

I spent 5 days at the Duck...and i felt good.....and got a lot accomplished.

First i pulled some weeds by the back door. see all those rocks?  you couldn't see them before for the weeds. still have a lot more to pull but at least now i can get from the truck to the door without wading through weeds. and cleaned in front of the garage doors, too. and that probably only got done because it was shady there when i came in. i filled 2 trash bags of weeds. 

Right around the corner from there is the oil pumper. bless their hearts....the pumper guys come out and 'trim' the grass around the pumper. i think they use a weed whacker and just scalp it all down to the bone. i don't know what my landscape guy thinks when he comes out. he did come out and cut the grass on monday. i can just see him shaking his head at that job. i hope he knows i didn't do it. hahaha

I did clean the fence line on my side, also. these little trees here grow like crazy and keep getting new shoots from the bottom. so, every couple months i am whacking them all out and trimming the trees so jeff can get through there and mow. i filled the whole back of my truck with branches. it was burning day so i took it to my sisters and she burned them all up for me.

I don't know what these flowers are...but they are all over the fence....intertwined in these trees. 

They are really pretty and i watch so i don't cut them when i trim and set them back up on the fence.

My sister came over and started the tape and bed job in the closet/dressing room. she got all of the bottom half finished...and sanded and smoothed out.  looks great.  i did manage to fill all the screw holes in most of the house....just have 2 more rooms to do. BUT....i, also, only did the part that i could reach without getting on a ladder.  the sucky ladder part will have to be done next time. hahaha

It's a slow process but she did an awesome job. 

Most of my days were spent finishing the installation of barn wood on the dining room walls. the first day i put the drill bit through my finger instead of the screw.....had to stop for a couple band aids.

The second day i ..... cut the first board wrong......cut the second board too short......had problems getting the screws in the third board.....and was thinking perhaps i needed to call it a day and try something else.

But, i persevered.....and, 3 days later......i finally attached the last damn piece of barn wood to my dining room walls. yep, all 4 walls are finished. and....painted!!   hot damn!!   i used 2 gallons of paint for the whole room and it sucked it up pretty good. i think eventually i will buy another gallon and go over the spots that the roller didn't get very well. or....maybe not. i do like the rustic look of it.

That hole above the door will have a stained glass window in it. it is being custom made.

After i got the painting done i pulled some furniture into the room and then had to do a bit of decorating. i did have this piece in the laundry room but decided it like it better in the dining room. it is made of barn wood, too. that is a little quilt behind the piece of glass. it just fit in there perfectly.

And this is my other barn wood hutch. i bought them both at the same place and at the same time. this one is constructed in 2 pieces. i' m thinking of painting them both a bright white. i have the paint and might do that the next time i am down there. i might paint over the purple, too. don't know yet. see how it looks after the white paint. is purple and orange too much?  hahaha   not in my book. 

This little dresser was saved for $25. it will get sanded and re-finished.....some day. it is in sad shape right now. i love the look of my walls. the way the dark shows in the holes and cracks. and the boards just look all weathered.

As i go to yard sales and such i've been picking up little country signs. there is room for lots more here.

Love the rooster sign

And the watermelon

I still need to paint the ceiling and fix the floor. and put some baseboards and trim up. i have 30 pieces of barn wood left and was thinking i might use it for baseboards on the floor and trim across the top. gotta measure and see if i can make it. 

It was a great few days of work and i enjoyed myself. i am so glad to get that wall project done. 

My sis and I think we can get 2 rooms done this summer....the dressing room and the office. that is the plan. so, if the tape and bed gets done....then i can move on to painting and decorations. woohoo!!   wanna come work for a while?  i have lots of things to do. hahaha


Vicki W said...

I LOVE the orange barn wood walls!!

shirley said...

Thanks, Vicki, i do, too.

Bessie said...

The blooms are Sweet Peas. They were my Grandmother-in-laws favorite. I suppose that's where Olive Oyl and Popeye's baby friend got his name

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