Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Parade at the Duck

I was at the Duck for the Fourth of July. i am right on a corner of the main street. i saw a fire truck out there raising it's huge crane and they had a flag hanging on the end of it. i thought .....  cool.....they are flying a flag for the 4th.  then i saw people coming and sitting on the sides of the street in chairs.....and it finally dawned on me.....there is going to be a parade.  cool!!  who doesn't love a parade.

I had the perfect spot.....i could see right out my window and didn't have to be out in the sun. so...i got my camera.

There were guys on motorcycles.

And the town firetrucks....and police cars

More emergency vehicles

This was the most exciting thing in the parade.

A cute little train pulling some kids.

I guess this was Abe Lincoln...reading the Bible

And, that, my friends was the highlights of the parade.  no marching bands.....no horses....no floats.

Oh, there were girl scout groups and some kids on bicycles. one pickup was decorated in red, white and blue. but overall, it was a disappointing parade. no music....no baton twirling girls....no clowns even.

I have no idea what those people in the background were doing. they had tables and chairs set up on a flat bed truck..even had an umbrella. they were taking pics. perhaps from the newspaper or something. 

I'm glad i wasn't standing out in the heat.....it was pretty disappointing. my sister says we need to be in charge next year to show them how to have a parade.

There were Fair goings on things at the park....rides and food and such. but we did not partake.

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