Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nancy's selvages

The other day in the mail i got a squishy package from my friend, Nancy.  filled with selvages.....oh, goody.

i sat right down and cut out the parts with dots. then trimmed them up and got to work.

I got 7 blocks out of Nancy's dots

Check out these super sized dots....love them!!  6 of the blocks got some fat dots.

They are about 3 times the size of a regular selvage dot

Check out this block....5 large dots fit....versus 13 to 17 of the regular size dots. very cool.

And this is all that was left over. they will got into another block...some day when i get more dots.

And all the other selvage parts got incorporated into my growing selvage stash. i need a couple of clones to use them all up.

I love selvages.

Thank you so much, Nancy.   i now need 37 more blocks and i'll have enough to make my quilt. 

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