Monday, May 30, 2016

Adding graffiti to the living room wall at the Duck

I spent a couple days at the Duck and added more pieces around the doorway.

On the left...

left middle.jpg

A few close ups there....i was out of materials here ... so there are a lot of buttons. haha

lm close 1.jpg

lm close 2.jpg

lm close 3.jpg

lm close 4.jpg

And i got a start on the right hand side, too....4 pieces.

right side 1-4.jpg

And a few close ups

r close 1-4.jpg

r close 1-4a.jpg

r close 1-4b.jpg

I added birthdays for me, hubby, son, and ddil

r close 1-4c birthdays.jpg

There is a soldier on a horse here

r close 1-4d horse.jpg

Here's a better pic of him

r close 1-4d horse close.jpg

r close 1-4e.jpg

I love the little skulls...and the 3 soldiers guarding the castle. haha

r close 1-4f skulls soldiers.jpg

I have now found boxes of stuff to continue on. yard sales and thrift stores were awesome the last few days. 

I still have quite a ways to go to finish this wall....but....the next project is the side of the garage. i have to ponder it a bit. i know what i want to do....i just have to figure out the execution. wonder if the neighbors will love me or shy away. hahahha  

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