Saturday, May 7, 2016

Lower 48 states map

This has been hanging on my design wall way too long. i started cutting out the pieces on May 14, 2015....and it has all been hanging on my design wall since then.


I did have a special piece of fabric i was going to use for the background .... but i guess i put it in a 'safe' place...because i can't find the darn thing...and i searched for 2 days.


It was quite the chore to get those all pinned down so i could fuse them in place. in some places they didn't meet up exactly but i don't think it will be too noticeable.


I am kind of excited about it now, though, and will probably quilt it next. 


I am going to find things to put in the oil wells for oklahoma.  that might take a while to find them. but i am thinking, i can use my 50 states embroidery CD for that. we'll see.


At least now my design wall is empty and waiting for something new.

Well, there are 2 rows of hexies up there. haha

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