Friday, May 6, 2016

Halloween Town top is pieced

I think these are the coolest Halloween blocks i have seen in a while. they are done on the embroidery machine....and have applique.  even the sashings and cornerstones are done on the embroidery machine.


The top is 50" square

blocks 1.jpg

blocks 2.jpg

I started the embroidery on February 17, 2016

blocks 3.jpg

blocks 4.jpg

And finished the piecing on May 5, 2016.  

blocks 5.jpg

blocks 6.jpg

All pieces have batting in them already...which should make it interesting to quilt.  i might not add batting again

blocks 7.jpg

blocks 8.jpg

I loved all the sashing choices, so i used them all. 

blocks 9.jpg

I wanted a scarier backing, but it was already past Halloween, and the fabric store only had a few this will be the backing. unless, of course, it doesn't get quilted before Halloween this year....then perhaps i will find something else. haha


This is why i don't get any quilting done....i keep making more tops.  sigh!!

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