Saturday, July 2, 2016

Animals with clothes

I got a new embroidery is called Anita's Playhouse.

CD front.jpg

There are 16 animals...about 6-7" tall.


And 16 outfits


First i did the small block...and used corduroy for the alligator, but i didn't like it.

gator 6x9.jpg

Then i made the larger block with the frame...and i liked it better.

gator 7x11.jpg

I made a girl outfit

outfit 1.jpg

And a boy outfit

outfit 2.jpg

And then the alligator tried them on. 


alligator boy.jpg


alligator girl.jpg

OK...are these politically correct? are these cross dressers?  hahahahahaha

There are 8 places on each animal that i will have to sew a button. and the outfits have button holes. all outfits fit all animals. and there are instructions to make a book if you want to, but i will stick with a quilt.  

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