Friday, July 29, 2016

Part II at the Duck

I did my garage graffiti star at the Duck in the morning. i was there at the crack of dawn at 6:30. haha  a lot cooler then. i left about 11 when it started getting hot. went to the beast and hung with my sister for a bit....then took a nap for a while.

But, i came back about 5:30 in the evening when the sun was past the front porch. And finally finished the door surround on the front door. i think it's been unfinished for 2 years. but once i got the porch built, then i could reach the top part safely. didn't take long to finish it up. and now i notice the brown paint is peeling in places....always something.

door surround finished.jpg

And i put my house number back up, too.

house number.jpg

house number close 1.jpg

house number close 2.jpg

I attached the blocks around the door with Lock Tite....a construction type adhesive in a tube that you use in a caulk gun. you don't want to leave a partial tube unused as it will just harden and be unusable in the future. It took a bit more than a tube to finish the i used the remainder to put my legos on the living room chimney in the corner. it is now about 4 foot tall.

chimney 4 ft july 27.jpg

And i measured for the pieces to finish up the black and white wall next to the lego chimney, so that will be the next pieces i work on.....until i run out of black and white graffiti pieces again.

It was pretty warm working there so i only worked for the day. I have poison oak all over my arms and legs from cleaning the fence line at the farm, and hot and sweat do not go well with poison just makes it itch more. 

I am looking forward to a break in hot weather to do more. 

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