Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Grandma's Country Album II

I finished piecing this quilt on November 3, 2014. It is hand appliqued with wool felt ...a Robert Callaham design. I think i have done 3 of his. This would not have been quilted yet, but I sold a quilt on eBay to a lady in New York...and she loved it. So, she asked if i had anything else that she could hang on her wall. I gave her a few choices and she picked this one.  win/win situation for us both. (Thanks Lynn)


Size is about 70x72".  This is the one i asked for advice on quilting the geese and squares. I went with the Xs in the squares...that seemed the simplest. I wanted to put something in the geese, but whatever i tried seemed like too much. I guess because they were small.....and lots of different i just did the old standby...SID.  haha


I tried to do different background fills in the blocks

block 2.jpg

These checkerboard flowers were just as hard to quilt as they were to piece. it was too thick to go over the flower part. It seems to me that the vase is much too small for the flowers....but that was the pattern.

checkerboard flowers.jpg

I had to get some feathers in there somewhere.

circle with feathers.jpg

This block is pretty simple...but i like it. i think because of the frame around it.

framed leaves.jpg

More blocks....

This one was hard to piece....i have trouble with round.  after 1 of them....i said that is enough. the sides were finished in blue and brown rectangles instead of 2 more circles. haha

Where it looks like there are stems with no red flowers at the ends of because there are white flowers. .. and they don't show up in a photo.  i need to stop following the pattern so closely.

red vase.jpg

This one was hand was a pain. it's a bit puffy. haha  and it's my usual shaky photo.

round block.jpg

The back is a muslin....i'm in love with the back.


Don't you love how cameras give you all shades of the same fabric?  it is just a white muslin

Thread was a peachy Glide for the top and a neutral Bottom Line for the back.

thread and binding.jpg

It's off to New York in a day or two....enjoy Lynn.
And thanks

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