Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thread Illusions

The blocks on this little quilt were done on the embroidery was pieced last December. Did you ever see an embroidery design online and think...that is you buy it.  It was one of those impulse purchases. If you don't get dizzy embroidering the blocks, you do get dizzy quilting them. Don't know when i would ever use this again. 


But it will make a cute table topper....or wall hanging. It is 32" square


My background flowers are representative rather than exact. haha


Hearts weren't too hard


I was worried about the hexies until i remembered i had a ruler.  yay!!


Ovals are harder to draw than you think.


I chose to square off the corners on the rectangles....otherwise they might have looked like ovals...or something.


Pretend all the background are squares. haha


I couldn't quite wrap my head around these this is the 'LOL' block.


Teardrops aren't too bad.


The back came from the stash. A pinkish-reddish print.


Top thread was Glide white; bobbin thread was Bottom Line Taupe. 


In hindsight, the binding might have been better as a cream instead of the bright white, but so be it. This was one of those practice pieces that I seem to do a lot. It could be used for anything. Heck, if you love your dog it could be a dog blanket.

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