Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ebony and Ivory

This quilt is made with another pattern from my friend, Marilee.  As her pattern testers, it was our class project in 2013. I finished piecing this on November 27, 2013, so it didn't marinade in the to-be-quilted cabinet as long as some have.

Her original pattern has embroidered flowers in the alternate blocks where I have the toile scenery fabric. Had I done the embroidery, i might STILL be working on it. haha


It is 74" square.

close 1.jpg

I did a LOT of ruler work....there is SID around every block

close 2.jpg

It came off the frame once so i could work on other things.

close 3.jpg

All these fabrics came from the same fabric line except the little scenery squares. On one of the selvages that i still have, it says The Cumberland Collection.

close 4.jpg

But, the real time came in quilting the border


I took it off the frame and turned it to do the opposite borders. 


The back is a mottled gray. I used this fabric for the binding also.


Wish i had used black for the thread on the back, it would have shown up better.

back close.jpg

Threads were Glide Silver for the top and Bottom Line Ivory for the bobbin.


This was a fun quilt, but i am happy to be finished with it.


Anonymous said...

Great finish, Shirley!

Vicki W said...

Love that border!

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