Sunday, August 28, 2016

African Ladies

This lovely quilt was pieced by my friend, Brenda.  It is 70x85, made of a multitude of browns and creams.  Haha...I just noticed a piecing mistake smack dab in the middle. Two 4 patches are turned the wrong way. 



Do you see the boo-boo? hahahaha


The back is several pieces put together....


with a narrow red strip on either side of the middle fabric. With all these seams, we decided to load it lengthwise. Since it was a panto, it was ok.
back close.jpg

You have to look closely and focus to see the African Ladies in this busy fabric. It is pretty cool, i like it.

back closer.jpg

Thread was Glide Sand for the top and Bottom Line #638 Copper for the bobbins.


The panto was Plush by Lorien Quilting.


Because the quilt and the panto were both non-directional, loading the quilt lengthwise and having the design run up and down instead of sideways worked out just fine.

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