Saturday, September 3, 2016

A little Graffiti....a few Legos

Another graffiti trip to the Duck.  I now have the black and white living room wall finished. Let's see a raise of hands of who is tired of looking at that. haha  

Here is the final finished left side

finished left side.jpg

There were 4 pieces installed....the space station

the space station.jpg

The space station closer. i wonder if some little kid had a good time playing with these before his mother put them in a yard sale. haha

the space station close.jpg

Piece 2....rows of 'stuff'


Piece old longarm wheels.

old longarm wheels.jpg

Piece corner. I took 3 photos and this is the least fuzzy. 

top corner fuzzy.jpg

With left over letters i tried to spell out 'black white graffiti'.  i did things like an upside M for a W...a sideways U for a C.....Qu for a get the idea.

black white graffiti.jpg

And to finish off that wall....the Lego chimney

Lego chimney.jpg

Now my goal is to finish installing the drywall at the top of the sliding the tape and bed....and paint that room. i've been playing with graffiti for a's time to get back to the program of fixing up this house. haha

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